SIM card 12 in 1

SIM card 12 in 1 with USB programmer/reader.

This 12 in 1 means that 12 phone numbers can be stored in one Sim. Also this provides PIN security as original SIM Cards for 3 PIN Attempts and 10 PUK Attempts. All the 12 lines can access the common 250 phonebook entries. Can store up to 20 SMS messages with separate SMS centres for the 12 Lines. List of last dialed numbers of 10 entries. Mobile phone numbers can be changed without switching off the mobile phone. Make sure that the Mobile phone is not locked to make sure that the mobile phone will accept the SIM.

Take notice about the SIM version before you try these. K1 and IMSI is not recomended.

  • Multi Sim
  • Dual Sim
  • 2 Sims in a Card
  • SIM card 12 in
  • 16 in 1 Card